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We’ve seen the recent Amazon Fire TV Set-box. The Fire TV is concerning the major competitor for Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast. The Amazon Fire TV is an ideal set-box that comes with many awesome features including with HD movies, pictures and games. Amazon Fire TV set-box is a square and thin device. It’s not similar to Apple TV or Roku device, so the design is pretty eye-catching.


Under Amazon’s Fir TV, there’s a Quad-Core Processor with a dedicated GPU, which is slightly similar to Kindle Fire HDX Tablet. Moreover, there’s a Snapdragon 600 SoC chip, which holds Andreno 320 GPU & 2GB of RAM. It’s the same chipset that have been found in Galaxy S4 & HTC One. As a matter of fact, these specifications make Amazon Fire TV “The Most Powerful” set-box in its genre. Its 8GB flash storage space is enough for you to play game on it.


Luckily, Fire TV comes with several options for you to start with. The device comes with Audio Output, Ethernet and HDMI port. More specifically, there’s a USB 2.0 port as well, though it doesn’t support streaming contents, but it will be soon available. Similar to other competing set-box devices, the Amazon Fire TV needs a TV HDMI port in order to directly connect TV Box to TV.

Connect Amazon Fire TV to Your TV


I’ve read many posts regarding the Configuration of Amazon Fire TV, as many people don’t know how to correctly setup Fire TV, though Amazon tried its best to make this setup easy. The following steps will help you to successfully setup Fire TV to your TV.

1: First off, connect Fire TV to power adaptor then connect your TV box to HDMI cable (there’s no HDMI cable in box) and attach HDMI cable to TV.

2: Place batteries into the remote control, turn on TV, and head to HDMI Source.

3: Continue the setup of the Set-Box and follow on-screen instructions. The instructions will be including with Wi-Fi network information and set the Voice Search feature at that moment.

4: After that, log-in to your Amazon account, this process will allow you to get access of your all purchased or rental movies, TV Shows and games.

5: If you come across to any difficulty while watching Amazon Fire TV via HDMI cable, make sure you’ve selected an appropriate HDMI port of your TV, as sometimes the wrong port occurs issue.

6: Once configured the following steps, start Amazon Fire TV on TV and enjoy endless Entertainment.

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