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HP Android Smartphones Soon Launch, in December or 2014?

By the end of 2013 we may get HP Android Smartphones; HP is supposedly working on some of its Android Smartphones. According to a Tech resource, HP has designed some reasonable Android Smartphones for some Asian markets such as India, China & Philippines by the conclusion of 2013. The HP Android Smartphones will probably phablet devices; we’re assuming the sizes about 6’’ or 7’’ inches. The costs will be flattering $200 to $300 accordingly both devices’ size and specification without any contract. We already have seen several low-end Android Smartphones; more specifically the Moto G got the lime-light on it. Though, we hope the upcoming HP Android Smartphones will seize the utmost Specifications under that price range.

HP's Cheap Android Smartphones Soon Launch in 2014

HP’s Cheap Android Smartphones Soon Launch in 2014

The idea of Android Smartphones for HP is neither new nor experimental. We already have seen Slate 7 Android-based tablet earlier this year, which is a fairly cheap device. Other HP’s Android Tablets are on the way, although HP haven’t announced yet. The upcoming HP Android Smartphones rumor will make company to announce some news regarding it.  If HP isn’t announcing something about its upcoming Android Smartphones then it’s is possible for Company to launch them in 2014. HP is disguising any new news about when low-cost Android Smartphone will hit the market, but we’re sure the HP’s Phones will get KitKat 4.4 OS. HP’s first and ever Smartphone was released in 2011 called “HP Veer”, the tiny device got WebOS. It’s not clear if HP launches palm devices other than big-screen devices, or maybe the Company will make Palm-Android devices.

Are you eager to find more about HP’s upcoming Android Smartphones? Let’s see what Company will announce next week, we’ll let you guys know once any new information emerges.

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