3 Best Smartphone Accessories of the 2013

2013 was the year of innovation. You may have seen many Smartphone Accessories, these 3 Best Smartphone accessories will give you pleasure while using. Having any superb Smartphone such as iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Note 3 or Galaxy S4 then probably you’d like to have best Smartphone Accessories for device. Let’s have a look of some!

1. Jam Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Do you love to listen to music? Yes, then why not try this Jam Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. While relaxing at home, listen to your favorite music via Jam Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. With the Bluetooth’s technology you don’t have to connect your phone with Speakers, the speakers can connect up to 30 feet far away device instantly. You just have to charge your Jam Speaker via USB Cable, no battery hassle. The speakers come with multiple color variety.

2. Wallet Case

This year’s hit accessory is Wallet Case, the accessory is much convenient. The single Wallet contains many things; it holds phone, credit/debit cards and much more. It can be your good Style accessory.

3. Fitbit

I must say this accessory is a must have ting for Health and Fitness conscious buddies. The Fitbit connects your phone simultaneously and tracks all fitness related stuff. Track your distance, Calories (that you’ve burnt so far)and steps. Stay updated with every movement that you’ve made. One more exciting feature is, the Fitbit comes with Sleep Tracker along with Silent Alarm, Fitbit wakes you up between the lightest part of your nap. Fitbit is ideal for Smartphones and Tablet device, its water resistant and you can wear it easily.

There are many other Accessories/Gadgets; we’ll review them in future. We do try our level best to update your accordingly your interest.

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