Book Apps for Android: Find your Best Book Via Apps

You probably love to read online, what if you download book apps for android. There is couple of book apps for android in the app store, Google Book is the major platform. The book apps for android that we’re reviewing are free of cost and bring quality of subjects swiftly.

Free Books & Stories – Wattpad

The app made thousands of downloads. Read more than 20 million free books. The Wattpad app made its position for the best 5 ebook apps. The app covers all the major authors including with classic authors as well. The Classic books such as; Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, The Marvelous Land of OZ, Moby Dick and other. Read stories and Ebooks from the different genres like Sci Fi, Horror, Fan Fiction, Thrillers, Poetry, Romance etc. You can create your own Fan Fiction ebooks or read other about on your favorite celebrities such as Justin Bieber, One Direction and much more. This single app is perfect for readers.

Aldiko Book Reader

This is one of the best Android eBook Readers now; there are 16 million users around the globe. There is Premium Aldiko Book Reader as well in which you get other extra ordinary features like you can review EPUB file view too also you’ll get the faster updates home screen widget and no advertisements. The beneficial features of Aldiko are EPUD, Adobe DRM encrypted formats. Get the complete customizable reading experience. Adjust font size, font style, background, color scheme, border and arrangements etc are according to your preference. There are other cool features like you can read the best sellers and new releases for free. Download dictionaries and catalogs. Don’t miss the lots of features, the Aldikos Book Reader works very well on Android 2.3 version or above.


Last but not least we’re reviewing “Kindle”. Lots of us know how well-known Amazon Kindle fire tablet is for eBook readers. Get the best reading experience, with the Kindle app for android Smartphones and Tablets; enjoy the best eBook reading experience. Select from thousands o free eBooks also shop for your desired eBooks instantly. Kindle app is the best eBook reader app for Android devices.

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