Bose SoundSport Free vs AirPods: Wireless Headphones

Have you ever felt the hassle of wires that we carry with us with handsfree in daily routine? Yes surely, you have experienced. So why not we should prefer something that has no wires at all. It is shockingly surprising that electronics has advanced so much that engineers have come to the solution of connecting your handsfree or headphones to your mobile “wirelessly”.  Yes, you heard it right. “Wireless Headphones“. These headphones are very compact and they connect to your Android smartphone or apple device through wireless connection named “Bluetooth”. In more technical terms it is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This Bluetooth Technology has revolutionized the industry of wireless communication in mobile devices. You can send or receive text, files, audio and video through BLE. Data streaming is also possible.

In this article we shall discuss some differences between the two popular wireless headphones in the market and compare them on different technical aspects and usage

Bose SoundSport Free

The trend of keeping oneself smart and physically fit is increasing day by day. People are more conscious about their health and physique today as they were never before. Hence Gymnasium are here available for professional workout. But something that is important to keep you motivated for gym is a good audio quality that keeps you tuned to your regular workout routine and boost your energy during workouts.


Bose SoundSport Free is a powerful yet compact device that features powerful Bluetooth connection with advanced antenna tweaked for optimum performance results in maximum signal strength. This enables the Bose SoundSport Free to connect to your mobile no matter it is in your pocket, strapped to your arm, in your hand or sitting on top of the treadmill, there is never a wire in sight.

Placement and Comfort:

Bose SoundSport Free is comfortable and can easily sit in your ear and stay in place. The StayHear+ Sport tip technology we introduced comes with a nozzle that spread contact evenly around the inside of your ear. The fin conforms naturally to the shape of the upper ridge of your ear. In this way the headphones will not fall out.

 Digital Signal Processor for Sound:

The music sound is balanced at any level of volume. No matter how much the gym is crowded, you can enjoy the music at fullest. This is possible by the volume-optimized EQ and Bose digital signal processing

Water Proof:

A water repellent mesh is used in these earbuds that will keep the inside dry and fully functional. However it is not waterproof in the sense of submersion underwater for a long period of time for example swimming

Charging Case:

Single charge give 5 hours of battery backup enough for your workout routine. Charging case can give protection and additional charge up-to 10 hours backup. Moreover 15 min charge for 45 min battery

AutoDetection and Pairing:

When you remove the earbuds from the case, it automatically goes into detection mode. Your Android smartphone will automatically detect it. After the Bluetooth connection is made the LED will turn white. To connect your earbuds additional devices, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the left earbud until you see the LED turn Blue and you hear “ready to connect”  voice from right earbud. Then follow the directions in Bose connect app.

Bose Connect App:

You can personalize your settings in the app and get the product features unlocked.

Tracking feature is the most fascinating thing, if you ever lost your earbuds this app can tell you the location where you last connected your buds

Apple AirPods:

Apple AirPods are versatile in nature and can be used with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. You will experience an unparalleled audio quality with just one tap. They are very easy, just take them out, tap and put in your ears to enjoy. Requires an iCloud account and macOS 10.14.4, iOS 12.2, or watchOS 5.2.


The apple AirPods have built in sensor that detects when you put it in your ears and starts. And when removed from ear they pause. The optical sensor and accelerometers works in combination to detect the headphones in ear and control audio experience. Engage microphone for phone call. You can wear one or both pods it is your choice. By double tap you can play or skip forward while listening to music. A speech detection sensor, will detect when you are speaking. This sensor will allow the beamforming microphone to cancel the noise effects and focus on the sound of your voice.

Powerful Chip:

Apple H1 Headphone chip powers the device and gives more consistent and faster wireless connection. Two times faster when switching between active devices and 1.5 times faster for phone calls. 30% lower latency for gaming. High quality sound no matter what you are doing things like playing games or listening to music.


A standard Qi wireless charging mat is used to charge the device. Just place the pods over it and that’s it. LED indicator will show charging status. A lightning port can be used to charge when you are away from wireless charger mat.

Battery Life:

More than 24 hours of battery life with charging case. Up-to 5 hours of listening time on one charge. Up-to 3 hours of listening time upon only 15 min of charging. To check the battery remaining, just hold your pod next to your iphone.


Fast and easy connectivity through macOS 10.14.4, iOS 12.2, or watchOS 5.2. onto your iphone or Apple watch. Just select AirPods and that’s it. Share song, podcast or audio stream between two AirPods sets.

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