How Does Ecobee Work?

With the rising tide of climate change awareness, and the costly ways (both financially and environmentally) we add to our carbon footprints each year, people have been seeking out alternative means of energy in their daily lives. Stuart Lombard was one of those very people, and thus, Ecobee was born.

First of all, there are four different products within the Ecobee model: the Ecobee3 lite, the Ecobee4, Room Sensors, and the Ecobee Switch+.

The Ecobee3 lite and the Ecobee4 are essentially the same smart thermostats, save certain upgrades. To explain the problem Ecobee sets out to remedy, let’s say the sole thermostat sensor of a typical thermostat was in the basement, often the coldest area of a home. Every room’s temperature would be raised until that sensor reached the set temperature, say 74 degrees. Now your bedroom, kitchen, etc. are likely each somewhere over 80 degrees since they were hotter to begin with, yet were heated until the basement reached its goal. This wastes energy, overcharges your wallet, and provides low quality service.

Ecobee offers multiple sensors to take the average temperature. Think of Room Sensors as baby monitors. You should place them in the rooms most important to your daily life. A sensor will record that room’s data (i.e. temperature and occupancy) and send it to the central Ecobee thermostat, as well as any app you have paired it with. From either the touch screen thermostat or app, you can set your desired temperature and tell your thermostat to either listen to all sensors or a select few.

The thermostat has many functions, including modes like Home/Away, Schedule and Follow Me. These allow you to control when your thermostat operates and use the sensors to find which rooms are occupied and using those area’s data to adjust the home’s temperature. Taking a turn from temperatures, the Switch+ controls just what its name suggests lights, along with music and other basic tasks, through the Ecobee app and motion sensors built into the device. The way we control our lighting has been revamped, from flicking a switch to tapping a button or, better yet, from the sound of your voice.

You can set your lighting preferences, which include:

  1. Smart On, which will turn lights on once it registers that the room has darkened.
  2. Smart Off, which will turn off the lights in an area you have left after the allotted time of your
    choosing, through the Ecobee app, by using its motion sensors to determine when the room
    has been vacated.
  3. Night Light, which will turn on the lights in the designated room once it has darkened, and
    turn them back on once there is enough light to see.

You can also tell the built-in Amazon Alexa to turn your lights on and off, play music, and more.

Ecobee is a multi-purpose brand that seeks to personalize your home life and streamline productivity. Smart devices are making it a point to work interchangeably, so Ecobee will work with Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

We can only wait to see what new advancements in smart integration will be made within the next few years.

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