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Snapchat New Update Adds Filters, Temperature and More!

Before Christmas, Snapchat new update brought new features. After the Snapchat new update the app got the color filter, special font style and other unique features. What I found pretty impressive in Snaptchat new update is “Visual Filter” that will instantly add color effects to your pictures. On initial base you probably will take few minutes to apply this setting. Just trigger the filter from left to right, there are 3 filters along with 2 colors and other one is consists of black & white to select from.

The 3 Smart Filters are amazing, that cover the time of snap, temperature (at the time you shot the image) and check how fast you were going around in MPH. With the Snapchat new update you’ll get the larger “Helvetica” font. There is “Front Facing Flash” option as well; the flashes will appear in white at the time as you shoot. There you can add up to 7 friends of your. Another stunning feature is “Replay Option that lets you to replay snaps once a day (make sure you’ve enabled it). All new enhancements are positive points for this chat app; already “Gone Forever” addition is favorable among users. The Replay option is valid with the recent videos and pictures that available in your stream, it’s a limited-view option. Therefore; you can view once a day, but it’s beneficial for you to not ignore newest videos and images.

You’ll find Snapchat’s UI much improved, but the additions of these new fixes are pretty decent for us. We are assuming, the snappers will get more option after this Holiday Season.

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