Sony PlayStation 4 Beats Nintendo Gaming Console War

Sony has regained its gaming reputation after an eight-year gap, since recent reports suggest that the top PlayStation Company “Sony” sold more Gaming Consoles than its competitor Nintendo in the last financial year. During the last fiscal year, Sonly sold over 18.8 million gaming consoles, Nikkei the Japanese news site reports; Nintendo was expected to sell 16.8 units last year. It’s estimated that it is the very first time for Sony to beat Nintendo; Nintendo has been on Top of the Gaming Consoles since 2005.

The recent report says that the Nintendo sold only 2.72 million Wii U consoles in the last year, the report confirms that the dull sale recorded in the last year is less than 12.24 million, which is the ballpark figure of Nintendo’s 2012 fiscal report.

It’s apparent that the warm reception of Sony PlayStation 4 has torn-down the prior Nintendo’s record – we are hoping if this reputation carry on, there is no doubt, Sony would beat Microsoft’s Xbox One this year. On the other hand, Microsoft’ Xbox One is on the top of the list so far. Sony and Nintendo are going through the hard times, last year Nintendo reported frustrated revenue, while Sony assumes to lose $489m this year, since there is still another rival device in the marketplace.

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